Ceramic Plain tile, dimensions 15 x 15. Made in England. Gift boxes are available to purchase separately. Made in England

Plain Tile


Gorgeous ceramic plain tile.

Display your favourite Intricate Ink Illustration Character Tile rested on the mantle piece individually, rest on a black easel anywhere which is also available on the website, use as a skillet, or why not tile your shower & bathroom or kitchen walls or your cloakroom?

It’s also possible to frame any combination of Alphabet, Number or Character Tiles in a handmade glassless black wooden frame ready to hang or buy an empty black frame on this website and stick in yourself. If framed a personal dedication can be written on the back if you drop a line to hello@rorydobner.com with what you would like for the Most Personalised Amazeballs gift for a friend or for family.

The Character tile range includes all your favourite characters from Masked Skull, Cat Monocle & Brooklyn Dalmatian Dog Tile to name but a few of the available Character Tile designs.
There are also Alphabet Tiles starting with A for “Anchors Away” finishing with Z for “Ziggy Zebra” with some letters having multiple design choices to pick from to mix things up & some tile letters designs having an extra splash of 22 carat gold sparkle as the sparkler the better! There are also Number tiles from 1 – 9 as well as Symbol Tiles such as Punctuation Marks including a question mark, heart, ampersand as well as a full stop available.

Gift boxes are available to purchase on this website separately to house your Intricate Ink Tile if required for your Extra Special gift.


Plain ceramic tile
15 x 15.
Made in England.
Gift boxes are available to purchase separately

We deliver in the UK and Internationally. UK deliveries can choose the option of Standard or Express.