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How to create your own plate display

Plate collection

I love hanging plates on walls. Precious plates are meant to be on display so you can feel happy inside every time they are caught by your eye, and curated plate wall collections are always such a beautiful feature in a home or shop, especially if they’re mixed in with other wall hanging treasures.

Here are my top tips on how to create your own wowsers display with your plate collection:

1. Measure the space of the wall that you’re planning on covering with plates, then mark out the same space on the floor

2. Starting at the centre with your favourite and most important plate, add a rhythmic mix of the various sizes of plates working away from the centre. I tend to have a gap of about 3 to 4 inches between the plates. This step will help you easily try different layouts

3. When you’re happy with your layout, take a birds eye view photo on a phone or camera of the plates whilst balancing precariously on a chair over your display. Key at this point to not drop your camera or yourself, both of which (as I have done) causes a few tears. Avoid wine before starting as that helps neither issue happen. 

4. Next mark the centre of the display on your wall space, and begin by hanging your central plate. Start to work outwards, referring to your photo to ensure you stick to your design. 

5. When you are finished, you can swap the same sized plates around to make your final  adjustments….

And voila you have a super smashing feature wall. 

Beautiful plates on the wall - Rory style

I love the way the classic Fine Bone China blends with white walls, but black and white plate design’s have the unique ability to look great on any tone or colour as they really pop. 

Dark painted walls behind plate walls can look incredibly dramatic! Farrow and Ball’s ‘Hague Blue’ is my absolute favourite as it makes the gold sparkle that bit more too. 

All my plate designs and brass plate hangers are available now in sizes small, medium, large (and some designs even supersize) so you can get started on a wall of your own easy peasy. 

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