by Rory Dobner

Commission's could be intricate ink drawings especially for you such as your favourite animal or pet, invitations, your own eye, personalised initials, birth dates or anniversaries. Rory has been commissioned for bespoke Coat Of Arms personalised for you, your family or friends.

Paintings on brushed stainless steel of you and your loved ones are possible in any size or alternatively abstract designs in various colours on steel. Portraits on steel, pencil sketches or in ink, customised tattoo designs, unique sculptures for home or garden, company branding or logo's, furniture design or homewares.....the list is endless!

Pieces can be designed to any budget, size or to incorporate specific requirements however unusual. Please feel free to get in touch with Rory to discuss comissions, trade or press requests.

Liberty (London, UK) stock a wide range of Rory's art in store from 'Intricate Inks' to 'Paintings' as well as Rory's furniture and homeware items. Rory's work is available to buy from their Furniture & Homewares department (4th Floor), Stationery Room (Ground Floor), the Gift Room (3rd Floor) as well as in their Style Service Rooms (1st Floor). Liberty's online shop also carry an ever changing range of Rory's art & homeware's too.